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Who wears “I Used To Be Rich” Tee Shirts?

Who is wearing “I used to be rich” tee shirts? Glad you asked. Fact is, the answer is a surprise to us. Obviously we thought people who once had a comfortable amount of dough, but no longer do, were going to be the major buyers of these oh-so-adorable-funny-irreverent-silly-relatively-cheap-yet-high-quality-tees. It turns out they are, but they’re not the only ones. There are lots of college aged kids who are buying these tees – despite their demon college loans. We also have a great deal of customers who never were even remotely rich. They may be buying them to make others think that their present economic status is but a temporary set back due to some unwise investments with Bernie Madoff or they may be wearing it to stick it to those that have dough or they just may be wearing the soft, faded, sort of anti-brand brand because they like them, or they may be envisioning a time where after they make a ton of money they lose it all. We don’t know, but we like the fact that they are wearing them. In fact, the “I used to be rich” tees are cutting across all socio-economic demographics: rich, poor, old, young, smart (no dummies wear this shirt), in debt, out of debt, going into debt, republicans, democrats, socialists, anarchists, liberals, conservatives (it’s been rumored that Glen Beck, Sarah Palin, Rachel Maddow, and Michelle Obama have bought several dozen for their friends – actually I just made that up). What is true is that the shirt is being worn by a great cross section of people, who are running into other people wearing them as well. It’s like a club, a movement!!! If nothing else, maybe the wearing of these funny tees (we also have “I used to be rich” bobbleheads, mugs and golf balls) could add a little humor to the public discourse, and that discourse certainly could use a dose of humor.

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