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We want your recession stories

Robert Frank, author of, “Richistan,” is writing a new book with the working title,  “From Riches to Rags”
He’s looking for high wealth investors with $5,000,000.00 or more of investable cash to tell their recession stories, good and bad.
iu2br.com is also looking for people to tell their stories. But we’re not setting any wealth parameters. What we want are stories about how you’re surviving during the recession. In other words, unless you’re one of the lucky few who escaped unscathed, we want to hear about how you’re living with less – no matter if it’s millions less or hundreds less or job(less) or sleep(less), or just plain less(less).
The point here – I guess it’s really the point of the site – is to bring home the fact that we’re going through this mess together; all in the same boat (albeit a crappy, crowded one). No better way to do that than to read about people who are like you even though their bank books, if they still have one, may look nothing alike.
So take a little time and write up your story and send it to us. It’ll be a cathartic experience for you and a “bonding” experience for those of us who read it.
Go ahead, you’ll feel better!

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