I Used To Be Rich
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Show us your empty pockets, America!

Joe Maloney of New Hampshire snapped the picture below in front of the Treasury building in Washingoton, DC. Thanks, Joe!

Could it be that, “I used to be rich,” is becoming a movement? A national urge to share the fact that we are all in this crappy, leaky economic boat together. A way to realize that we’re not alone, that we are more alike than different. This tee, this goofy, cute little tee shirt can be the very thing that brings us all together. The tee the nation has been looking for. The tee that ends loneliness. The tee that helps us become the people we always knew we could become. The tee that makes Rush Limbaugh shut the hell up!!!!

Being that virtually all of us have less than we once had, we’re all entitled to wear the I used to be rich tee shirt – the whole country! Every man, woman and child. Everyone! Well, maybe not Goldman Sachs.

I used to be rich fan sited in Washington, DC

I used to be rich fan sited in Washington, DC

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