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Portfolios And Healthcare, The New “Your Money or Your Life.”

As we watch our portfolios hopefully recover a bit (at least temporarily), we also can watch healthcare reform unravel. The insurance companies, and the congressmen they have in their pockets are relentlessly on the attack. “We must proceed carefully,” they say. “It’s unwise to move too fast.” Too fast! Are they nuts? We are decades behind the rest of the industrialized world in making good, responsible, affordable healthcare available to all.
But the critics are not nuts. They are calculating, and amoral and basically full of shit. Their goal is to do nothing. Doing nothing keeps the dough rolling in to their already stuffed coffers. Doing nothing won’t hurt them. Hell, find one critics of healthcare reform who doesn’t already have a great plan, themselves. Doing nothing weakens Obama and any further attempts he makes to fulfill the mandate he overwhelmingly was given in November.
I find it nauseating to listen to Jim Cramer and the rest of the financial hacks at CNBC (the other “fair and balanced” network) gleefully report that healthcare reform is dead, indicated by the strength of healthcare stocks. Same thing happened as a prelude to Clinton’s healthcare program going down, and they are counting on history repeating itself. 47 million people will remain uninsured yet they find reason to celebrate. After all, isn’t an increase in next quarter’s profits for the likes of United Health more important than an increase in infant mortality? And amazingly they are conning the American public. Once again, so many of us are being duped. I like to think we are smarter than that. Are we?
Paul Krugman spells it all out beautifully in a recent column, http://bit.ly/QufUi. Give it a read, just promise you won’t stick your head in the oven after you do.

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