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July 4th in New York

We made a trip east for the holiday this year, a gathering of friends, a visit with the family, a treat of real bagels, and a reminder that the all is not well in Dodge City.

Three days on Lake George in upstate New York, a mere one hour of parking lot north of Saratoga Springs, still (evidently) the refuge of choice for real urbanites and others who are in denial or have no clue most of america either can’t get a mortgage or is scared shitless they’ll lose theirs. Still plenty of SUV’s guzzling fuel at $3.00+/gallon, no lightening up on the gas pedal, after all, 6 MPG or 8MPG, it’ll still cost a paycheck to get from Brooklyn to Lake George and back. So there we were, part of us tranplanted East Coasters, part West, some from Boston, most from Brooklyn, and a few without an identity or real home to speak of. (no, none of us are homeless, but several feeling rather displaced and disenfranchised from that which was familiar). Where am I going with this…oh yeah…

Recesssion or otherwise, job or not, the SUV’s are still rolling, and while the cocktail hours are less about getting hammered, most are NOT fighting over bar tabs with their buddies, their keeping to a single Bloody Mary, or maybe indulging in a second beer, or maybe, cutting back on the phatones’ before sundown. Who knows? We can’t recover if nobody spends, alas, there’s no recovery if you spend whatever it is that’s left before knowing where more will come from.

I never was rich, but I find keen affiliation with the may that THINK they were rich. I’m thinking, unlike anytime in MY life, that if we don’t start spending, there will be nothing worth buying, and nothing of value to exchange. So, go out and spend. Create a new economy on your own. Hire the kid next store to sweep your driveway (sweep, not wash, alas, the next crisis will be water).

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