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I Used To Be Rich

Welcome to iusedtoberich.com

There’s no denying it. This has been one tough year. In fact, tough is not a tough enough word. Brutal is more like it. You might have lost hundreds, thousands or even millions of dollars. Your retirement fund might now be just a fond memory and your nest egg broken and scrambled. Point is, almost no one escaped the pain. And almost no one has what they used to have. But, there is some comfort to be found here. Comfort in the fact that you’re not alone – far from it.

And that’s what iusedtoberich.com is all about. It’s a place where we can all come together, not to celebrate exactly, but to shake off the shock, take a deep breath, maybe even smile a bit. We’re not talking about a kumbaya moment here, but knowing everyone on the site is in the same boat as you is kind of calming.

We invite you to come onto our blog where you can read about people much like you, or tell your story, or just plain vent and get it off your chest.

While you’re here, treat yourself, or someone you know  to one of our terrific tee shirts, mugs, golf balls or bobbleheads, all featuring our own recession-rattled, market-melted, wide-eyed little cartoon guy. An everyman who’s feeling the pinch, who some say has strange and wonderful powers to make you forget your $$$ problems, at least for the moment. Stare at him for a bit. You’ll see it’ll be hard for you not to smile.

At any rate, one way or the other things are going to get better. And that you can take to the bank – if it’s still there.

So hang in there, and while you’re hanging, power to the people who had it all (or at least some of it)!

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